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Your Personal Butler will help you discover all of your options based on the unique needs of you and your household. Your Butler can find special offers that can save you big money!  As a matter of fact It’s not unusual to see our customers save $200 or more every month on multiple connections.  And, since your Butler works for FREE, Every dollar that you save is yours to keep! Here’s How it Works:

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1. Connect with your Connections Butler. In a matter of minutes, You can call or even meet face-to-face-to-face by video call.  


2. Your personal Butler will research all of your options.  They may discover discount offers that cannot be accessed by the general public.

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3. You will choose the option that will best serve your needs. Now that you know all of your options, you can be confident in your choice.


4. Take a breather and enjoy living even more.  Your new connections will make that much easier than you have ever imagined!

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If you are like most of our customers, you could save Thousands of dollars each year with the help of your Connections Butler.  Click the call button now, and a Butler will help you put that money in the bank

Powerful Connections to practical solutions

We live in a connected world and our mission is to provide every consumer with practical solutions that make life easier when choosing essential services and products.  We can do that because we have carefully developed Powerful Connections with the top providers of these services.  Our Connections can mean the difference between good service that is priced right and an inferior product that doesn’t meet your needs.  Choose a service below to find out how.

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 A butler is a person very similar to an everyday person except they are much more awesome

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Don't become a statistic when choosing service providers for your home or business. Even after hours of research and painful time spent on hold, it's very easy to end up with unsatisfactory results. Your Connections Butler will take care of the hard part. You get to reap the rewards!
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It’s one thing when we say our Connection Butler can save tyou a bundle, but it’s when our satisfied customers do that means the most.

When my advisor told me I could be saving over $90 a month I almost cried. I love my new internet service and the money that I am saving makes paying other bills much easier than it was before. Thank You BMG!

Cynthia H.



Our payment to the electric company went from over $300 each month down to zero! I have told everybody that I know to switch to solar for their power. My Sister and best friend have and they love it.

Blake S.



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